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Crafting system rules? And FO creature conversions.

Hey all,

Discovered this system recently, running a game in it now and loving it so far. One issue I've run into is, has anyone got some decent rules for how crafting works? The tech skill mentions being used for crafting, but there's no mention of it otherwise. Except for vehicle upgrades. Im ok with house rules, been trying to make something myself but would like to see if anyone else has got something they've used.

Also: I've found mentions online of work someone did converting the stats for Fallout creatures to AH, but all the links I could find went to the R.A.D. forums, which are dead and gone. And WayBackMachine does not save forum posts. Anyone got a copy of that conversion anywhere? I've tried making my own, and have most of the original FO1&2 creatures, but I feel like the balance is probably way off.




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