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Drawback Traits

I love the barbarian illiteracy Drawback Trait presented  in TinyZine issue 5, but I haven't seen any others, or further guidance on how to put together Drawback Traits of our own.  So I have some questions.  (:

1. The one in the TZ5 does not take up a slot (e.g., doesn't count as one of the three you select at character creation).  In fact, it gives you an additional slot.  Is this true of all Drawback Traits?

2. How does it work if you are getting a Drawback Trait at some point after character creation?  (Illiterate seems like something you ordinarily wouldn't *acquire* so this is mostly about other Drawback Traits that we develop on our own or that show up  Would it always come as half of a pair of Traits?  LIke, you get that one, plus one more?

3. If we are using the the optional XP rules to buy new Traits, what do Drawback Traits cost?  Do they cost 10 XP like any other new Trait?  Do they have a negative cost?  Or is their only impact on slots, not on XP?

Thanks in advance for thoughts from Alan, or from anyone else who has put together some Drawbacks to use in their own game.

More drawback traits are coming.

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