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Forum Rules

Gallant Knight Games provides this forum as a gathering place for players and readers of our games. We want the forums to be a welcoming place for as many folks as possible. As such, there are some ground rules. At the discretion of the moderators, forum users may have their posting privileges curtailed for breaking these rules. Rules apply to PMs as well as open threads.

Disputes between community members and the moderators, web administrators or Gallant Knight Games staff should be handled privately, as should discussion of site policy and moderator actions. To discuss problems or concerns, use the Contact section at the bottom of each page.

Further, obey the rules regarding aggression and attacks in communication with moderators; if it wouldn't be acceptable on the open forum, it's likely to be grounds for a suspension in private communication.

1. Respect other people. Don’t personally attack other users, members of their gaming groups, and so on. Also, don’t attack groups of people. That means avoiding racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and similar insults. Racial, sexual, and other slurs, as well as misgendering, count as insults. Please also avoid broad declarations that attack a group of people to get around making a “personal” attack. Like all rules, this rule applies equally to people working for Gallant Knight Games, our fans, or guests.

2. Respect the conversation. Don’t try to incite others to break the rules, or distract from the subject at hand. This includes threadcrapping, the posting of short messages or images which add nothing to a thread and serve only to express a user’s displeasure with it.

3. Respect other people’s preferences. It’s fine to like or dislike certain aspects of our products, but not okay to get into hostile arguments over, for example, preferred editions of a game. This applies equally to non-GKG games.

4. Avoid advertising. At the moderators’ discretion, you can trade your Gallant Knight Games or our publishing partners books, but generally keep your posts to discussion, not promotion. Similarly, do not solicit donations. You may, however, discuss your own game design and creative projects unrelated to Gallant Knight Games, provided you're not just using the forum as an advertising venue.

5. Respect privacy. Don’t post other users’ personal information, such as physical addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, or social networking data. Don't post private messages or e-mail messages from other users without their permission.

6. Don’t spread out-of-character falsehoods. Discussing the fictional settings we publish, of course, necessarily involves fictional statements. However, factually false statements or insinuations regarding real people or organizations are not allowed.

7. Maintain only one account. You may only have one account. Creating a secondary account or posting through another user's account is prohibited. All involved accounts will be permanently banned.

8. Don’t endorse or discuss illegal activities. Substantial leeway will be granted for discussion of illegal activities within fictional settings, but many subjects (such as media piracy or illegal file-sharing) will be entirely prohibited.

9. Do not engage in conflicts with other communities. If you have issues with moderation, policy, or users on another forum, chat, etc., do not complain about it here. Doing so tends to create cross-site conflicts, which we'd like to avoid. If you're a member of another site which is being attacked, please report the issue rather than engaging in the argument.


XX. Gallant Knight Games or the moderators may find it necessary to modify posts or curtail user privileges for circumstances not listed above. If we find ourselves taking action in response to a particular, repeated abuse, we may, again at our discretion, add it to the rules above. Individual forums may have their own rules and guidelines, which will be posted at the top of those forums.


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