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Introduction to Sagas and Six-Guns

Hi everyone, my name is Robert Buckey, and I'm writing Sagas and Six-Guns.   I just wanted to tell you a little bit about the project.  It's still very early on, but here's the basic preview of the setting.

Sagas and Six-Guns makes use of the Savage Worlds system, and it combines two things we all love, vikings and cowboys.

Picture riding into a mining town in the Old West.  Now, the buildings and style of dress are the same, other than some subtle differences. The signs are in the classic western font, but they are in the Runic alphabet.   A lawman walks by you wearing a badge bearing the rune of Tyr, God of Justice, instead of a star.  The church in the middle of town bears the hammer of Thor instead of a cross.  You notice a wanted poster for a troll that's been ravaging the outlying farmsteads.  You walk into a saloon, and cowboys are sitting at a poker table, cards in one hand, horn of mead in the other.  A Skald is standing by the piano reciting the Saga of Six-Gun Sven.  The Jarl is holding court in the back of the saloon, while a seer casts the bones on a farro table.

I've gotta tell ya, I'm pretty excited for this. Seems like a great mashup, and Savage Worlds is perfect for it.

Thanks dubmun, I'm looking to post some updates by the end of the week

The wild west with a viking twist? and besides six guns then carry axes? ok, this is different.




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