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Charisma in Eorathril

Earlier this month, all of us Patreon supporters got a copy of a new heroic fantasy RPG called Eorathril.  It's also up for sale on DriveThru RPG, I believe.  Reading through it, I am definitely looking forward to a chance to play this game.

But the one thing that nags at me is that there is a character class associated with each of the attributes, except Charisma.  And an attribute associated with every character class, except for Knight.  Why are these two not put together?  Reading through the class, it really seems to be all about leadership and diplomacy and courtly manners.  Charisma, charisma, charisma.

So when I get a group together, we're going to have a house rule.  Knights with exceptional Charisma get a special XP benefit, just like every other class.  But what I haven't decided is whether it's going to be Charismatic Knights use the XP chart in the book and everyone else needs 5% more OR whether Charismatic Knights get a 5% discount from what's listed in the book.  Thoughts?

And if Knights are not going to be the Charisma class, then I think my game will need a new one. But what should it be?

There are actually quite a few Charismatic fantasy archetypes. Spies and seducers, information merchants and courtiers.  Enchantresses, diplomats, guild leaders, courtesans. Performers, bards, mountebanks, and swindlers. Priests, viziers, warlocks; cult leaders and Svengalis.  Princesses with entourages of helpful forest creatures. And of course, Chosen Ones by the hundreds.

The real question is how to sift through all these charismatic figures and settle on one single class. I’m going to have to think about this. And I’d love to hear your ideas too.

The currently upcoming   (and in progress) Traveller's Guide to Eorathril will also answer some of these questions!

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