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Could you please provide us some info about this game? What system will it use? Is it meant to be a historical Western, or more movie/pulp based? When will it be on Kickstarter? Any more info will be appreciated.


Sure thing pardner,

The game is inspired by John Ford and Spaghetti Westerns. It's definitely cinematic, but in the vein of those types of films and less in the vein of Wild, Wild, West. Things are as historically accurate when possible, but only when they don't get in the way of the fun of the gameplay.

The system:

The system will be a D6 dice pool success based system that is quick to learn, but with some subtly that allows for excellent storytelling opportunities. While it's inspired by World of Dew, this is a Western so it'll be the Magnificent Seven to Dew's Seven Samurai.

We are aiming for the beginning of February for the kickstarter launch date. More details incoming when we have them.

Other details: City building from Dew will now be building your Territory. While Giri are gone, their replacement adds for more depth of characters while allowing you to still play the classic tropes if you want. Rules for characters from numerous backgrounds are included as well as rules on various religions.

The art, like in Dew, is sourced from famous artists of the era.


Any other questions? 🙂


I love western rpgs. Im in.

So February has come and gone by a lot. Is this game still planned?




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