Shadows of a Dying Sun

Shadows of a Dying Sun is a roleplaying game of cosmic horror and gothic fantasy.  Set in a world clouded in perpetual night, Shadows of a Dying Sun thrusts you into the role of Survivors who are attempting to etch out an existence against the backdrop of mad cults, uncaring and remote gods of horror, and massive Gothic cities that punctuate the dangerous Wylds. The world is dying as the great red sun slowly cools, and humankind's days are numbered. Inspired by authors such as Gene Wolfe, H.P. Lovecraft, and Jack Vance, Shadows of a Dying Sun is a fast paced, horror driven RPG. 

The dice system uses the unique D6^3 mechanic (from Planet Mercenary), and a deck of Rune cards to help drive the feeling of creeping insanity, while reflecting the dark whims of a mad world. All new races, modifications to the ruleset to inspire the slow dread, and Sanity powered magical traditions will allow the eldritch dreams of Old Gods to haunt your world.