An Espionage Mystery that unfolds over five decades!

Along Came a Patriot is an adventure chain and series of prompts for the Cold Shadows roleplaying game that takes place from the 1950s to the 1990s, covering five decades and the growth and decline of the Cold War, from Budapest to Berlin and finally to the halls of the CIA Headquarters in Langley.

The unique narrative nature of Cold Shadows means this adventure set is a collection of set-pieces, prompts, events, and ideas for the Narrator to fill in, alongside their players, throughout play and at the tabletop. The adventure is a campaign structure explicitly designed for the unique storytelling nature of Cold Shadows, and contains a brief guide on how to run Cold Shadows and a small FAQ based on questions from Kickstarter backers. 

Cold Shadows is required to use this adventure.

You can get the game now! Simply click on either the DriveThruRPG image or the Gallant Knight Games logo to be taken to those webstores!
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