What is TinyD6?

TinyD6 is a ruleset that powers a line of fantastic tabletop roleplaying games. It is a minimalist ruleset, so it focuses on being as stripped down, and as easy to learn, play, and teach as possible.

A standard character easily fits on a 3″x5″ notecard, and you only need three standard six-sided dice to play the game!

Genre Support

All the TinyD6 roleplaying game books are compatible, which means you have loads of customizable content, cross-overs, and genres you can mash up.

Want to run a sci-fi game that involves a planet more akin to a standard fantasy setting? Just mash-up Tiny Dungeon 2e and Tiny Frontiers: Revised.

What to get post-apocalyptic in your superhero setting? Tiny Supers & Tiny Wastelands have you covered!

The Basics

When you play TinyD6, you attempt to accomplish tasks through a test. A test is made by rolling two six-sided dice. If any of those dice roll a ‘5’ or ‘6’, you’ve accomplished your task!

It’s that easy!

If a Trait, tool, or situation would grant you a bonus, you get advantage. This allows you to roll with 3d6, instead of 2d6! If you would be hindered or set-back, you have disadvantage. This forces you to roll with 1d6!

There’s a little bit more to it, but that’s the core of the game! Everything revolves around those three options for test!

TinyD6 Games

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