Gallant Knight Games is a roleplaying game publishing company dedicated to heroic, fun and high-quality RPG materials.

Gallant Knight Games is a tabletop gaming company dedicated to high-quality roleplaying games and card and board games.

Founded in 2016 by Alan and Erin Bahr, and focused on affordable, accessible and exciting tabletop games, Gallant Knight Games produces the award-winning and bestselling TinyD6 line of games, with titles such as Tiny Dungeon 2e, Tiny Supers, Tiny Frontiers: Revised and many more. Gallant Knight Games also produces many other bestselling titles, such as: Cold Shadows, the Venerable Knight Classic line, and many others. .

Gallant Knight Games also serves as a publishing partner for bestselling indie publishers, such as Old Skull Publishing, Barrel Rider Games, as well as several other publishing partners, helping to bring their games to larger audiences!

Alan Bahr is the award-winning lead designer and founder of Gallant Knight Games.

Tiny Tuesday – [Jan 18th, 2022]

A Day Late, Technical Issues, Email Schedule Change [Tiny Tuesday - Jan 18th, 2022] It's -5 degrees here (Fahrenheit, of course), and we're bundled up. Some snowstorm and internet technical issues delayed this post from yesterday, but we're here! The first big change....

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Tiny Tuesday – [Jan 11th, 2022]

GallantFunded! [Tiny Tuesday - Jan 11th, 2022] Happy Tuesday! It's been a crazy week since we last posted here. We've successfully GallantFunded War of the Magi, an expansion for Diogo Nogueria's OSR urban horror and fantasy game: Dark Streets & Darker Secrets!...

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Tiny Tuesday – [Jan 4th, 2022]

A New Year & New Emails! [Tiny Tuesday - Jan 4th, 2022] Happy January! We hope everyone had a safe and happy holidays with loved ones and plenty of gaming was had! Today, we're unveiling our new Tiny Tuesday update initiative! This weekly post will keep folks...

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Announcing GallantFunding!

The new GallantFunding program from Gallant Knight Games is a webstore based "crowdfunding" solution that allows Gallant Knight Games to gauge the potential popularity of upcoming products in a manner similar to Kickstarter or Itchfunding, while maintaining...

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