Fargo, NORTH DAKOTA – June 7th, 2023 – Gallant Knight Games is excited to announce that they have secured a license from with Matthew Blair and Frankie B. Washington to adapt and publish their comic KAIJUS & COWBOYS as a supplement to the best-selling MECHA & MONSTERS: EVOLVED.

Seeking crowdfunding in 2024, KAIJUS & COWBOYS: THE ROLEPLAYING GAME will be a setting supplement, as well as rules expansion for the MECHA & MONSTERS: EVOLVED core rulebook!

From Alan Bahr, Lead Designer & Publisher at GKG:

“I’ve been lucky enough to work with Frankie in the past, and we share a deep love of giant monsters and robots! I watched the Kaijus & Cowboys comics start to gain steam, I knew I had to work with them to create a game that would bring their exciting and vibrant setting to the roleplaying game audience! It’s like peanut butter and jelly! Kaiju! Robot cowboys! Space stuff! How could I not want my hands in that?”

Stay tuned to this space for more details as the crowdfunding draws closer!


East meets West in a battle between massive kaiju monsters and the robot cowboy that hunts them. If you ever wondered what Samurai Jack, Clint Eastwood, or Spear from “Primal” would do if they were in a kaiju movie…this is your comic book. A Sci-Fi about the remnants of humanity trying to colonize an alien world inhabited by Kaiju. “Who is right… And who is wrong?” Earth was overrun by a strange colony of Kaiju monsters centuries ago. When humanity looks to the stars to find another planet to call home, the A.I. called FatherMind constructs robotic settlements and “the HunterBots”, robots responsible for terraforming the planet and to purge it of dangerous Kaiju, to make the planet safe for inhabiting once again.

Enter HunterBot B.W.N.N ( Bot With No Name)


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Alan Bahr is the award-winning lead designer and founder of Gallant Knight Games.


A lifelong fan of comics, science fiction, and everything pop culture related, Matthew graduated from Stetson University in 2012 with a BA in History, but decided that a career of academic study and teaching didn’t suit him, so he decided to write comic books for a living. His first published work was a self-published webcomic with the excellent Frankie B. Washington entitled “The Secret Lives of Villains” and “Kaijus and Cowboys” is his latest endeavor into the world of self-published indie comics, although it is certainly not his last. At the moment, he works as a staff writer for Multiversity and while the journey has been long and exhausting, it has been incredibly fulfilling and a lot of fun.

Frankie is an alumnae from the Butera School of Art with 30 years freelance experience in the art industry as a commercial illustrator. He’s worked on two Miramax films, an Animation Studio, Advertising Agencies, Print & Comic Book Publishers, Sketch & Trading Card Companies and Others. A love for the super robot/kaiju genre led to him co-creating the 2013 graphic novel Robot God Akamatsu, a homage to the 70’s & 80’s film/anime/toyline that shaped his childhood. Kaiju & Cowboys will be his 27th leap into the comic book creating fray which began in 1993 with his first self- published title PEACE. His journey is ongoing and the ART is FLOWING.