Welcome to KAI-JUNE!

It’s time to GET STOMPY!

Welcome to KAI-JUNE, the first annual celebration of sometimes-rubber, sometimes-digital, but always stompy monsters (and robots, can’t forget them), from Gallant Knight Games! In the spirit of Mer-May, we decided to launch a month long celebration of one of our favorite roleplaying genres: the kaiju!

We’ve got a series of features, sales, exciting previews, releases and more, all culminating in a quick-starter for SWORDS OF MEROPIS, our loving homage to Greek sword & sandal stop-motion monsters!

Let’s start easy though!

Today, we’ve got a free two chapter preview of WELCOME TO PARADISE, our Mecha & Monsters: Evolved Novella by Bryan Young. A rip-roaring, fast-paced, giant robot and giant monster novella with a twist, this fantastic book is a great read!

Starting tomorrow, Welcome to Paradise and Mecha & Monsters: Evolved PDFs will be 50% off on DriveThruRPG, through the end of the month!

Check it out now, and stay tuned to Gallant Knight Games social media (Twitter and Facebook) and this website for more!

SAINTs & Synners Preview: New Traits!

Today we begin with the previews of the upcoming SAINTs & Synners roleplaying game, a new science fiction TinyD6 game from Gallant Knight Games and Star Anvil Studios! SAINTs & Synners is currently GallantFunding (you can support it here)!

Today we’re unveiling some of the new Profession Traits in SAINTs & Synners! These Traits replace the standard TinyD6 concept of Family Trade with Traits that represent your current and previous work history! Starting characters have one Profession Trait, and characters with expanded life-history have more! These are not all of the Profession Traits, simply some of them.

Everything below is unedited preview material and as such, subject to change.


Tools of the Trade: Each day you spend observing, planning, and preparing to take out your target, you make a Test. For each successful Test, choose one of the following benefits:

  • You gain Advantage on a single Test made to infiltrate the target’s safehouse or stronghold.
  • Your next successful attack against that target deals +1 damage.
  • You gain Advantage on Tests made to intimidate the target, as you display knowledge you have gleaned from your preparations.
  • You impose Disadvantage on Tests made to determine who attacked (or killed) the target.

You may only choose each benefit once, and must declare the use of the benefit before any Tests are made. If you spend a day not observing your target, you lose all accumulated benefits.


Bring ’em Back Alive: When you deal damage to a target that would kill or incapacitate them, you may instead render them unconscious. If so, they remain unconscious for 3d6 turns. Additionally, Tests made to escape bonds, restraints or cells you use have Disadvantage.


Cool Under Fire: You gain Advantage on Tests made to keep calm in high stress situations. Additionally, you gain a special Downtime action that you can use called Treatment. [Note from Alan: Downtime actions and Treatment are “new” to TinyD6, though if you’re a GKG Patreon, they’ll look familiar to you!]

There are lots more Profession Traits, including exciting new ones like Psy-Commando, Hypertech, Psy-Operative, as well as more familiar ones like Pirate, Smuggler, and Scout! We look forward to exploring the world of SAINTs & Synners with you, as you find new and exciting jobs to take on in the edges of the known galaxy!

SAINTs & Synners Preview: The Arusa

Today we begin with the previews of the upcoming SAINTs & Synners roleplaying game, a new science fiction TinyD6 game from Gallant Knight Games and Star Anvil Studios! SAINTs & Synners is currently GallantFunding (you can support it here)!

We’re starting with a preview of one of the non-human sophontforms in the SAINTs & Synners setting: The Arusa! We’ve chosen this mechanical preview because the format of the heritage will be familiar to experienced TinyD6 players! We’ll dig into some of the more unique mechanical bits for SAINTs & Synners in the near future!

Everything below is unedited preview material and as such, subject to change.


Standing between five to six feet tall with smooth skin and powerful limbs, the Arusa call a fully oceanic waterworld their home. As such, the Arusa are a strongly aquatic species, exceling at bio-aquatic studies, sciences and swimming. Their skin can vary in color, with vibrant shades of blue, green and red, and their bulbous and fish-like large eyes and a wide-set mouth provide the Arusa a perception of being friendly and open.

One constant reminder of their aquatic heritage is the misting device worn to keep the skin moist. If they fail to do this, the Arusa can dry out, leading to painful skin rashes, cracking skin that begins to flake and shed, and eventually serious (or fatal) dehydration.

Star System: Valasardin

Home world: Valasa

Government: Arusan Trade Conglomerate

The world through their eyes: The evolution of a corporate trade conglomerate as a government has deeply impacted Arusan culture and society. Everyone wants something for something. Making the next deal is just part of how things get done. As such, negotiation comes easy to the Arusa; it just makes sense to leverage their experiences and get what they want or need. Arusans oftentimes feel other species are too direct; it is hard to imagine how other sophonts cannot see the Arusan just trying to make a fair deal for everyone involved.

How others see them: Sophonts inexperienced with the Arusa may see the Arusa as shifty or angling for something in all dealings (a deeply incorrect view). The galactic reputation of the Arusan Trade Conglomerate colors the reactions of so many on first dealing with them. Most people, once they give an Arusa a chance, find that they like them. They are, after all, charming and their words do make sense…

Interactions with others: Culturally, Arusan upbringing tends to result in Arusan being friendly and cordial. Even the grumpiest of Arusa is considered polite by many other societies. Due to their friendly nature (as well as a desire to know information), an Arusa generally endeavors to learn companions name, their likes and dislikes, concerns, hopes and fears. As such, Arusan make for wonderful companions to talk to, as well as a powerful ally and advocate on your side when a deal needs to be made (of course, this knife cuts two ways.)

Culture: Negotiation, trade, banking, and diplomacy are all part of the Arusa culture. At an early age, games are based on ideas and concepts that relate to negotiation and debate, and most schooling takes an economic bent in Arusan cultural strongholds. However, it is foolish to view the Arusa as simply commerce driven sophonts. Many aspects of social life (such as performances, architecture and music) are deep passions of Arusans, and their knowledge of bio-marine science and engineering is surpassed by very few cultures.

War is not unheard of or unthinkable to an Arusa, but as a general rule they negotiate and make deals first, as war is a deeply unprofitable pursuit. It has been said that war is better than coming to the negotiating table with an Arusa, because they always seem to come out on top. One rule for others to remember: never break one’s word or contract with an Arusa. The Arusan Trade Conglomerate has immense power, and if you break a contract, they’ll extract the maximum penalty (likely one you missed in the fine print.)

Of note, one of the prominent Arusan exports are Arusan planetary security forces. This fact often surprises some, but the Arusans view it as a method of controlling the protection of their investments, more than any particular bent towards legal or governmental attraction.

Before and after the war: Before the galactic war the Arusa were building (quite successfully) an interstellar trading conglomerate, and had established a comprehensive and beneficial network for trade and profit (mutually with their partners, of course).

After the war, the Arusa have been busy picking up the pieces of their empire. They have worked to quickly re-establish as many safe trade routes as possible, while opening new ones. Because of their focus on bringing trade back so fast, they have fared better than many other cultures and governments, as significant portions of galactic wealth, resources, and goods flow through the Arusan territories.

Arusan Heritage

Hit Points: 6

Arusans start with the following Heritage Traits:

  • Aquatic: Arusans gain Advantage on Tests related to swimming, holding their breath, or maneuvering in the water (or similar liquids).
  • Economic Education: Arusans gain Advantage on Tests made to assess trade deals, market value, and goods, as well as social Tests made during business negotiations.
  • Hydrated Skin: Arusans are required to hydrate and mist their skin regularly. Every day they fail to do so, they must make a Save Test with Disadvantage. If this Test is failed, the Arusan suffers twos damage and has disadvantage on all Athletics and Acrobatics Trait tests until they can mist again. Your Arusan character starts with a “skinister” (slang for a “skin mister”).