It’s time to GET STOMPY!

Welcome to KAI-JUNE, the first annual celebration of sometimes-rubber, sometimes-digital, but always stompy monsters (and robots, can’t forget them), from Gallant Knight Games! In the spirit of Mer-May, we decided to launch a month long celebration of one of our favorite roleplaying genres: the kaiju!

We’ve got a series of features, sales, exciting previews, releases and more, all culminating in a quick-starter for SWORDS OF MEROPIS, our loving homage to Greek sword & sandal stop-motion monsters!

Let’s start easy though!

Today, we’ve got a free two chapter preview of WELCOME TO PARADISE, our Mecha & Monsters: Evolved Novella by Bryan Young. A rip-roaring, fast-paced, giant robot and giant monster novella with a twist, this fantastic book is a great read!

Starting tomorrow, Welcome to Paradise and Mecha & Monsters: Evolved PDFs will be 50% off on DriveThruRPG, through the end of the month!

Check it out now, and stay tuned to Gallant Knight Games social media (Twitter and Facebook) and this website for more!