Gallant Knight Games to assist in continuing Adventures in the East Mark line

For Immediate Release – 2/28/2018, Ogden, Utah

Gallant Knight Games is pleased to announce they have entered in a deal to serve as a distributor for the Adventures in the East Mark roleplaying game on behalf of Hardboiled Games, who has acquired the rights to the English Language translation of AEM from Nocturnal Media.

Gallant Knight Games will distribute Hardboiled Games products like Adventures in the East Mark “Red Box” via DriveThruRPG, Print on Demand, and through Gallant Knight Games convention appearances, website and brick & mortar relationships with distributors.

Alan Bahr of Gallant Knight Games and Nocturnal Media will be assisting alongside Hardboiled Games as a project manager in order to provide continuity for backers and customers, ensuring that the games they love are supported.

Hardboiled Games is a new roleplaying game company, created in part to finish, fulfill, and support projects like the Hellywood Kickstarter, AEM and other great games, in order to reduce the workload at Nocturnal Media in the wake of Stewart Wieck’s passing.

Hardboiled Games is finishing and preparing delivery on the outstanding Hellywood project from Nocturnal Media and will then begin preparations for the launch of a Kickstarter Campaign to fund the “Blue Box” expansion for Adventures in the East Mark.