Last weekend, we found out that SOLAR BLADES & COSMIC SPELLS, from our friends and partners at OLD SKULL PUBLISHING has won “BEST GM TOOLKIT IN AN RPG” from Questing Beast!

Diogo Nogueira had this to say:

Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells is one of the games I spent the most time working on and it’s really a work of love. A love for Old School style RPGs. A love for pulp science fiction stories. A love for Metal Hurlant comics. A love for heavy metal music!

This week I was gladly surprised to find out Ben Milton from the amazing Questing Beast YouTube channel has awarded it the Questies Award for Best GM Toolkit in a RPG of 2019! Coming from such a scholar in RPGs and in OSRish RPGs such as Ben, this is an incredible honor. Ben has been a huge influence in my work and in my tastes in games, and I’ve learned a lot from his reviews, observations and overalls writing and design techniques.

So that’s it! I am an award winning game designer now! Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells is an amazing game that always inspires me to create more, and I can see making more material for it for years to come!

CONGRATS to Diogo and the OSP team, an honor well deserved and hard earned!

You can find SOLAR BLADES & COSMIC SPELLS in the GKG Webstore or on DriveThruRPG!