Gallant Knight Games & WunderWerks Statement Regarding Once Upon a Time in Jianghu

On Monday, the Gallant Knight Games team was made aware that Tobie Abad had been banned from a Philippines Tabletop RPG group on Facebook due to allegations of abuse. Gallant Knight Games takes harassment claims, allegations of abuse, and similar statements seriously. In accordance with internal GKG policy regarding allegations towards partner companies who we work with, on Monday, we immediately undertook the following steps:

First, we informed Tobie that we would be reviewing the situation and asked him to forward all relevant information to us. He has done so.

Secondly, I (Alan) removed myself from any final decision making capacity on this topic. We forwarded Tobie’s information as well as the public statement from the FB group to a legal and industry team who has never worked with Tobie, but has knowledge of the game industry. We expressly retained this team Monday to investigate this matter in a responsible, unbiased, and ethical manner. Additionally, we’ve consulted with game industry experts with experience in investigations into harassment and abuse, gathering as much data, insight and feedback as we could so this matter can be handled in the best way possible.

At this time, we’ve reached out to the Facebook group who made the decision regarding Tobie to request any information they can provide us. If anyone with direct knowledge of the incidents would like to reach out, they can email, where the email will be provided to the independent investigative team.

Additionally, in order to give the independent team adequate time to resolve their investigation, Gallant Knight Games and WunderWerks have cancelled the Once Upon a Time in Jianghu Kickstarter, and the project status and future will be revisited and assessed after the investigation is concluded.

Gallant Knight Games is committed to standing by the decision and advice of our third party team regarding this situation, and ensuring that the accusations are taken seriously, and the matter is transparently handled in an ethical and honest manner.

Allegations of abuse and harassment must be taken seriously if we are all going to change the world we live in to be a more inclusive and safer place for everyone. We’re committed to doing just that.

  • The Gallant Knight Games & WunderWerks Teams