GallantVerse Origins: A Tiny Supers Actual Play

All art on this page by Nicolas Giacondino and ©2021 Gallant Knight Games

We had such a great time with our Yukon Dark Tiny Cthulhu actual play that we got the band back together! Starting September 9th, GallantVerse Origins will stream Thursday nights at 9:30 PM EST on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook! You can click any of those links to subscribe!

This is a 12-week campaign, set in the award-winning GallantVerse, powered by the award-winning Tiny Supers and written and ran by Head Gallant and GallantVerse creator, Alan Bahr!

Campaign Overview

Sentry Force Prime is the premier superhero team in Sentry City, known throughout the world for their heroic exploits and deeds!

When a mysterious force ambushes Sentry Force Prime, trapping them away from Sentry City, four new superheroes must rise to the aid of the besieged town, fighting for justice, truth, and all that is right!

Can our heroes find the truth of who they are, forge the bonds that will create one of the greatest superhero teams known to the GallantVerse, and defeat the mysterious mastermind behind this evil, but mysterious plot.

Or will they fall like so many before them?


And Alan Bahr as the GM

Where to Watch

You will be able to see the actual premiere of the actual play on any of the following options:

Gallant Knight Games Twitch Channel
Gallant Knight Games YouTube Channel
Gallant Knight Games Facebook

We hope you’ll join us for what is sure to be an exciting, heroic and thrilling tale!