ANNOUNCING: YUKON DARK – A Tiny Cthulhu Actual Play

Hey folks!

Gallant Knight Games has a new live-play stream of Tiny Cthulhu coming soon! Starting March 25thYukon Dark will stream Thursday nights at 9:30 PM EST on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook! This 12-week arctic horror campaign will feature game play of the TinyD6 system in a story written and gamemastered by Mari Murdock.

Campaign Overview

The year is 1898, and the Yukon is home to North America’s last mass trek for gold: the Klondike Gold Rush. Stories of instant fortune and frontier adventure have lured people from all over, many of whom are ill-prepared to face the dangers of the north. However, even more threatening forces lurk in the isolated wilderness.

The citizens of the dwindling boomtown of Porte Blanche struggle to eke out a living from the rough terrain and miserly gold mine. Yet, as the harsh arctic winter looms ever closer, no one seems able to leave, suggesting that there may be a more sinister purpose for the town and perhaps the promise of gold was only a ploy.

Our band of investigators must discover who trapped them here and why.


Alan Bahr as Jameson Moore, the Musher.
You can find Alan on twitter: @alanbahr
Gina Ricker as Katie McGraw, the Fur Trapper
You can find Gina on twitter: @ginaricker
Ryan Schoon as “Blue-Eyed” Bailey, the Financier
You can find Ryan on twitter: @loremasterryan
Ashley Smith as Molly McGee, the New Money Dilettante
You can find Ashley on linktree:

and featuring Mari Murdock as the GM
You can find Mari on twitter: @murdock_mari and facebook:

Where to Watch

You will be able to see the actual premiere of the actual play on any of the following options:

Gallant Knight Games Twitch Channel
Gallant Knight Games YouTube Channel
Gallant Knight Games Facebook

Over the next week and a half until the premier, we’ll preview characters and introduce the team members who are participating in the Actual Play!