Today we begin with the previews of the upcoming SAINTs & Synners roleplaying game, a new science fiction TinyD6 game from Gallant Knight Games and Star Anvil Studios! SAINTs & Synners is currently GallantFunding (you can support it here)!

Today we’re unveiling some of the new Profession Traits in SAINTs & Synners! These Traits replace the standard TinyD6 concept of Family Trade with Traits that represent your current and previous work history! Starting characters have one Profession Trait, and characters with expanded life-history have more! These are not all of the Profession Traits, simply some of them.

Everything below is unedited preview material and as such, subject to change.


Tools of the Trade: Each day you spend observing, planning, and preparing to take out your target, you make a Test. For each successful Test, choose one of the following benefits:

  • You gain Advantage on a single Test made to infiltrate the target’s safehouse or stronghold.
  • Your next successful attack against that target deals +1 damage.
  • You gain Advantage on Tests made to intimidate the target, as you display knowledge you have gleaned from your preparations.
  • You impose Disadvantage on Tests made to determine who attacked (or killed) the target.

You may only choose each benefit once, and must declare the use of the benefit before any Tests are made. If you spend a day not observing your target, you lose all accumulated benefits.


Bring ’em Back Alive: When you deal damage to a target that would kill or incapacitate them, you may instead render them unconscious. If so, they remain unconscious for 3d6 turns. Additionally, Tests made to escape bonds, restraints or cells you use have Disadvantage.


Cool Under Fire: You gain Advantage on Tests made to keep calm in high stress situations. Additionally, you gain a special Downtime action that you can use called Treatment. [Note from Alan: Downtime actions and Treatment are “new” to TinyD6, though if you’re a GKG Patreon, they’ll look familiar to you!]

There are lots more Profession Traits, including exciting new ones like Psy-Commando, Hypertech, Psy-Operative, as well as more familiar ones like Pirate, Smuggler, and Scout! We look forward to exploring the world of SAINTs & Synners with you, as you find new and exciting jobs to take on in the edges of the known galaxy!