A series of small, linked scenarios for Tiny Dungeon 2e!

Written by the Spanish translators and publishers of TinyD6, Akuma Studios, The Gartovreux Vineyards is a small series of linked adventures set in a rural vineyard town. The linked scenarios include: 

  • Problems at the Inn
  • A Job Offer
  • Nocturnal Goblins
  • The Cavern of the Goblins

Graciously translated by the team at Akuma Studios into English, we’re pleased to offer this adventure to the public!

This is a 14-page adventure written by Akuma Studios. There are no pregenerated characters.

You will need a copy of Tiny Dungeon: Second Edition.

You can get the game now! Simply click on either the DriveThruRPG image or the Gallant Knight Games logo to be taken to those webstores!




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