Scavange & Get Paid!

The Ulvantar were a highly intelligent race of humanoid beings, with long heads and head-tails, that travelled the stars in their huge Worldships, great gestalt vessels dozens of kilometres in length that housed millions, entire generations of their kind. These ships carried them between planets for trade and exploration and, most importantly, they carried them away from their home star system which had been ravaged by a deadly genetic plague, which is what turned them into stellar nomads in the first place. Their technical skills were unmatched, and they were often sought out for their genius and craft.

Sadly, the plague caught up with them and in a short amount of time their species were wiped from the face of the galaxy. Their Worldships, however, continued to fly and, in the centuries since their passing, the vessels of the Ulvantar have been found and stripped. All have been empty husks, destroyed by lack of care and unattended systems.

However, an Ulvantar Worldship has appeared in the Holska Sector, and the rumour is that it is in almost perfect condition… so perfect that every explorer, chancer, space ranger, rocket jockey, fortune hunter and any and all the rascals of the universe are heading for its last reported position in the hope that the vessel with gift them with hordes of Xenotech.

This 12-page short adventure was written by Jonathan Hicks Wick and is perfect for one-night of play.

It does not include pregenerated characters and requires the Tiny Frontiers: Revised rulebook.

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