Arrrrgggh….ya ready to sail the high seas in search of plunder!?

The minimalist TinyD6 ruleset gets salty as it hits the Age of Sail and Golden Age of Piracy in search of treasure.

Written by the ENnie award winning author Ben Woerner, alongside TinyD6 designer Alan Bahr, Tiny Pirates introduces a new way to enjoy minimalist roleplaying. Feature expanded ship rules, an aquatic bestiary, and new archetypes, Tiny Pirates adds nicely to the TinyD6 line, both standing alone as it’s own game, and combining with other TinyD6 products to add a dash of swashbuckling piracy to all genres!

The optional duel rules in Tiny Pirates do require a “Duel Deck”, which comes in PDF with this book, but can be bought in print here.

Tiny Pirates is a stand alone game.

You can get the game now! Simply click on either the DriveThruRPG image or the Gallant Knight Games logo to be taken to those webstores!
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