It’s Christmas Time…in the Wasteland!

Sinter Klass needs YOUR help! Drive into the frozen post-apocalypse and provide some seasonal joy to children who live in a blasted and frozen hellscape. Wandering in a Winter Wasteland is a new holiday themed adventure for Tiny Wastelands and contains the following:

New Winter and Holiday Themed Traits

  • A New Vehicle: The Sleigher
  • A brand new Plot Chain modular adventure.
  • New enemies…including the fearsome mutated goatbest: Krampus!
  • A new micro-setting: The Winter Wasteland
  • New exposure rules TinyD6.

What are you waiting for Survivors? It’s time to deck the halls!

You can get the game now! Simply click on either the DriveThruRPG image or the Gallant Knight Games logo to be taken to those webstores!




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