For Immediate Release – 1/11/2018, Ogden, Utah

Gallant Knight Games is pleased to announce that they have acquired the Atomic Highway tabletop roleplaying game, as well as the entirety of the V6 Engine from Colin Chapman and Radioactive Ape Games!

“Atomic Highway was one of the first post-apocalyptic roleplaying games I played, and I have very fond memories of it!” Alan Bahr of Gallant Knight Games says, “The massive amount of fun just scrounging through the wasteland and seeing what you dig up, was a huge influence on our forthcoming Tiny Wastelands!”

“Fans of Atomic Highway have been clamouring for Print on Demand options since the game went out of print.” Colin Chapman of Radioactive Ape Designs said, “Plus, there’s a lot more that can be done with Atomic Highway and the V6 Engine. I feel sure Gallant Knight Games will be able to do the game and system justice.”

The existing free versions of Atomic Highway and Irradiated Freaks will remain free on DriveThruRPG, but be moved the Gallant Knight Games publisher page. Additionally, Gallant Knight Games will be working to put both of those books into Print on Demand format, as soon as possible!

Further plans for the V6 Engine and Atomic Highway will be unveiled soon!