Fargo, ND – 03/31/2022

After over four years of working together, Gallant Knight Games and Old Skull Publishing are parting ways. GKG has been pleased to work alongside and distribute Old Skull Publishing products and are grateful to Diogo for his support and partnership over the years.

From Alan, publisher at Gallant Knight Games: “Diogo is a dear friend, and the last several years of working together have been great. I’ve learned so much from Diogo. He’s got big plans for the future, and to enable those plans, the way GKG and OSP work together has to change! So we’re working with Diogo and OSP to make sure they’re enabled to create the content and games they want, how they want! I look forward to collaborating with him on the future on some of these really exciting plans!”

From Diogo, publisher at Old Skull Publishing: “These last few years working with Alan have been the incredible. I’ve learned so much from him, who I consider a mentor, and a good friend. I’ve reached places I thought I would never been to, and created things I never thought I could. But things are changing, and Old Skull Publishing needs to change too. I will certainly look forward to working with Alan again, and hope we do so soon. So here’s to change, and good friendship!”

For the next few months, the remaining OSP Zine Trilogy print run, as well as the few remaining War of the Magi prints from the previous GallantFunding campaign will remain in stock at the GKG webstore. The Zine Trilogy will be marked at a steep discount, and once gone, the co-branded GKG/OSP zine trilogy and War of the Magi will not be reprinted. 

As of 04/01/2022, all OSP products on DriveThruRPG  will move to the Old Skull Publishing page and any customers who have acquired those products will have their titles migrated in their DTRPG library (remaining able to access their PDFs.) Any customers who have purchased their product through the GKG Webstore will like-wise retain access.