Travel, Tired, and Typos, oh my!

[Tiny Tuesday – Mar 22nd, 2022]

It’s been a month since we chatted, and unfortunately, we missed our first Tiny Tuesday of March! The GKG team was travelling to conventions (52 hours of driving in total) and we forgot to schedule the post!

Our apologies and we’ll be back in the swing of it as of now! Today is a quiet day, as it’s mostly a day of statuses moving. But in some good news, Carrion Lands and Swordpoint Deluxe are getting ready to hit GallantFunding!

War of the Magi fulfillment is done and the game is out now!

We’ve tweaked the layout of this twice-monthly post to be more clear! Now changes are in white text in a red box, and we’re working on future clarifications and improvements!

And as always, you can visit the Gallant Knight Games Patreon to get access to the weekly playtest and development rules, the monthly TinyZine and loads of free goodies!

Lighthearted is out in the GKG webstore and on DriveThruRPG!

Tiny Spies is out in the GKG webstore and on DriveThruRPG!

War of the Magi is out in the GKG webstore!

Our GallantVerse Origins actual play is over! We’ve finished our Tiny Supers campaign and the team is taking a well-deserved break! If you missed the campaign, and the associated Q&As, you can find them archived on our YouTube channel!

For future games, you can find us on YouTube and Twitch (you can click on the icons below to find those channels)!

No updates from licensees at this time, though we always encourage you to check out their releases!







as well as our translation partners:



 *Please note our “In Development” is subject to NDA, licenses and we can’t always talk about everything we’re working on

A note on how this is presented: the white headers with black text are designed to be overarching categories, and the black header with white text are designed to be sub categories inside the larger ones! Red text indicates a product/project status has changed or been updated as of this week!

This represents the initial stage of development where we write the first draft

Tiny Dungeon Campaign Guide

A supplement for Tiny Dungeon 2e, this book features an expanded bestiary, tips and tools for creating campaigns and modifying Tiny Dungeon 2e to suit your tables needs.

Trails of the Beastkin (WIP title)

Trails of the Beastkin is a campaign world (akin to Fenmire) for Tiny Dungeon 2e. A setting where you can’t play humans, you are the eldritch children of evil gods who created you through dark magicks. But you have rebelled and freed yourself from evil! Since the world you spent eons waging war on has yet to accept your change of heart, you must flee, searching for a home to call your own.

Ion Guard

A TinyD6 edition of the cosmic superhero setting formerly published by Radioactive Ape Designs, Ion Guard will be revisited with new art by Nicolas Giacondino, as well as TinyD6 rules to power it going forward!

This stage represents playtesting, feedback from alpha reviewers and patrons, and revisions to the text

Atomic Highway 2e/V6 2e

Atomic Highway 2e and the next iteration of the V6 system is currently in development and playtesting

This is the last step before the text is locked for layout

H.O.M.E. Handbook – our teen GallantVerse book is in editing and revisions.

This step often happens concurrently with the previous three steps and is relatively independent and so projects here might show up twice on the update list

Swordpoint Deluxe Core Rulebook – Art complete!

Tiny Dungeon Campaign Guide – almost all finished.

Atomic Highway 2e – in progress

Tiny Cavemen -Art complete!

Ion Guard (TinyD6) – in progress

This step is the final step before we prep for release/funding. We try to do this step before we go to funding, though it’s not always viable [especially with larger projects].

Mecha & Monsters: Evolved – in layout!

TinyZine Compendium 2021 – layout done!

Carrion Lands – This game is ready to leave ashcan, and hit GallantFunding! We’re sourcing our options, but we’d love do something with a slipcase.

Swordpoint Deluxe Core Rulebook – the deluxe edition of our early 2021 Kickstarter is getting done! We’re prepping for GallantFunding.

These are projects that are either currently funding in GallantFunding or on other platforms. Please click on the project for links.

War of the Magi has finished funding. Thanks to everyone who supported, helped and talked about it!

Blood & Blade – Test prints are ordered and this game is getting set up for GallantFunding! We’re going to be trying a new format of GallantFunding for this one, so we’ll see how it goes!

These projects are the printer! They might be marked proofing, which means we’re awaiting proofs to ensure the print run is up to standards.

Things That Go Squeak in the Night are at the printers! We’re awaiting proofs to confirm everything is good!

These projects are currently being fulfilled.

Lighthearted (Partner Game): US orders are currently fulfilling, as well as international via DTRPG. We’re 99% done, just handling a few stragglers, issue and more.

War of the Magi has finished fulfillment and is live on DTRPG and the GKG Webstore!