Utah, UNITED STATES (10/11/2017) –

Gallant Knight Games and Nocturnal Media are pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement related to West End Games classic D6 System.

Under license from Nocturnal Media, Gallant Knight Games will become the official publisher and distributor of a new edition of the classic OpenD6 System, tentatively titled: “D6 System: Second Edition”!

“Since Nocturnal purchased West End Games, the plan has been to revitalize the D6 System and modernize a system so many gamers have enjoyed.” Says Steve Wieck of Nocturnal Media. “This partnership with Gallant Knight is part of our journey to achieve that.”

This new edition will be overseen by Gallant Knight Games’ design team, with approvals from Nocturnal Media & West End Games.

“OpenD6 was hugely informative of my growth as a young gamer,” Alan Bahr, founder of Gallant Knight Games says. “Helping to bring West End Games back into the mainstream gaming community is an exciting moment for us, and serving as the official West End Games creation and publishing studio is an opportunity of a lifetime!”

More announcements about changes in D6 System: Second Edition, timelines and dates will be forthcoming!


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