FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, 01/11/2018, Ogden Utah

Gallant Knight Games is excited and proud to announce that going forward, Woerner’s WunderWerks products will be published jointly with Gallant Knight Games. These new arrangements allow the creative team at Woerner’s WunderWerks to focus on designing, writing and creating evocative, compelling, and vivid roleplaying games, in the manner which they already do.

Gallant Knight Games will assume most of the role traditionally associated with a publisher, including sales, marketing and inventory. All the games with be co-branded with Gallant Knight Games and Woerner WunderWerks’ logos.

Games already available from Woerner WunderWerks will be moved over to Gallant Knight Games in DriveThruRPG, and will receive physical distribution into fine hobby stores everywhere, as well as being present at all Gallant Knight Games booths at conventions!

“Ben is a frequent collaborator of mine, and I’ve been a fan of his work since before I broke into the industry!” Alan says. “To partner with him and work along side him in this capacity is a dream come true.”

“I signed with Nocturnal last year before Stewart’s passing, and while Mr. Wieck was half of the reason I began working with Nocturnal, Alan was the other half of that equation for me,” Ben says, “Alan and I have a great work flow together, and I hope our businesses continue to collaborate and grow together into something even greater in the future.”

The first collaborative product from GKG and WunderWerks will be Ben Woerner’s OLD WEST roleplaying game, a narrative storytelling experience set in the America’s frontier history!