Tiny Tuesday – [Jan 25th, 2022]

First GallantFunding Successful! [Tiny Tuesday - Jan 18th, 2022] We've finished our first GallantFunding, bringing Diogo Nogueira's expansion for Dark Streets & Darker Secrets to life! We're getting the PDFs out to all supporters and the print copies will be...

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Tiny Tuesday – [Jan 18th, 2022]

A Day Late, Technical Issues, Email Schedule Change [Tiny Tuesday - Jan 18th, 2022] It's -5 degrees here (Fahrenheit, of course), and we're bundled up. Some snowstorm and internet technical issues delayed this post from yesterday, but we're here! The first big change....

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Tiny Tuesday – [Jan 11th, 2022]

GallantFunded! [Tiny Tuesday - Jan 11th, 2022] Happy Tuesday! It's been a crazy week since we last posted here. We've successfully GallantFunded War of the Magi, an expansion for Diogo Nogueria's OSR urban horror and fantasy game: Dark Streets & Darker Secrets!...

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Tiny Tuesday – [Jan 4th, 2022]

A New Year & New Emails! [Tiny Tuesday - Jan 4th, 2022] Happy January! We hope everyone had a safe and happy holidays with loved ones and plenty of gaming was had! Today, we're unveiling our new Tiny Tuesday update initiative! This weekly post will keep folks...

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Announcing GallantFunding!

The new GallantFunding program from Gallant Knight Games is a webstore based "crowdfunding" solution that allows Gallant Knight Games to gauge the potential popularity of upcoming products in a manner similar to Kickstarter or Itchfunding, while maintaining...

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GallantVerse Origins: A Tiny Supers Actual Play

All art on this page by Nicolas Giacondino and ©2021 Gallant Knight Games We had such a great time with our Yukon Dark Tiny Cthulhu actual play that we got the band back together! Starting September 9th, GallantVerse Origins will stream Thursday nights at 9:30 PM EST...

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Brian Fitzpatrick & Moebius Adventures

On Saturday July 24th, Gallant Knight Games was notified that Brian Fitzpatrick of Moebius Adventures passed away unexpectedly in an accident. The loss of our friend, colleague and publishing partner is heart wrenching, and we can only imagine the pain his family is...

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Last weekend, we found out that SOLAR BLADES & COSMIC SPELLS, from our friends and partners at OLD SKULL PUBLISHING has won "BEST GM TOOLKIT IN AN RPG" from Questing Beast! Diogo Nogueira had this to say: Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells is one of the games I...

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ANNOUNCING: YUKON DARK – A Tiny Cthulhu Actual Play

Hey folks! Gallant Knight Games has a new live-play stream of Tiny Cthulhu coming soon! Starting March 25th, Yukon Dark will stream Thursday nights at 9:30 PM EST on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook! This 12-week arctic horror campaign will feature game play of...

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